Why You Should Spend Money on an Expensive Treadmill

Why an expensive treadmill is worth the investment? ” Most people would probably say that a treadmill is a waste of money. After all, you can just go for a run outside, right? But if you are serious about your fitness, an expensive treadmill is worth the investment.

You need to understand how the treadmill functions in order to make maximum use of your treadmill. For learn How to Stay Safe on a Treadmill, How to Disassemble a ProForm Treadmill, Treadmill workouts for overweight Beginners and What Decline does on a Treadmill.

Finding the finest treadmill for your budget might be difficult when the time comes to buy one. But the procedure is made much simpler if you have a solid grasp of the pricing points. So you must be asking yourself, “Why you should spend the money on an expensive treadmill?” Before diving into that, let’s first define what a treadmill is and have a brief history of it.

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is a machine typically used for stationary walking, jogging, or climbing. The invention of the treadmill, often a sort of mill run by a person or animal traversing the steps of a tread wheel to grind grain, came before the advent of powered machinery as a way to harness the power of animals or people to conduct labour.

Later, treadmills were employed as a form of punishment for prisoners who were ordered to perform hard work. For the power and punishment devices, the names treadmill and treadwheel were used interchangeably.

Treadmills are now more commonly utilized as stationary fitness equipment for running and walking. The gadget offers a movable platform with a large conveyor belt operated by an electric motor or a flywheel in place of the user running a mill.

The user must run or walk at a speed that corresponds to the belt as it goes to the back. The belt travels at a pace similar to that of walking or jogging. As a result, running speed may be managed and gauged.

The most costly, heavy-duty models are powered by motors (usually by an electric motor). The less complex, lighter, and more affordable models only move when walkers press the belt with their feet. They passively oppose motion. These latter are referred to as manual treadmills.

Why is a treadmill so expensive?

So, why are they so expensive? Since the motor is such an essential component of the machine, manufacturers often don’t cut corners when making them, which is one of the main reasons treadmills are so expensive. That’s only one expensive part, though!

Additionally, because treadmills are frequently expensive items, producers frequently include extra amenities like iPod docks, built-in fans and TVs, and other bells and whistles to justify the price. If you are serious about your fitness, and want to enjoy the benefits of treadmill every day, go for an expensive treadmill. Here is why.

treadmills for doing treadmill- why buy expensive Treadmill ?

1. Cost of production

The components used to build the treadmill will have a big impact on how much it costs. The size of the motor needs to be taken into account first and foremost. The motors of the least expensive treadmills typically have a 1.5 horsepower maximum.

The differences become more apparent as you start comparing more pricey models. Treadmills priced between $500 and $2,000 feature engines with at least twice as much horsepower as those priced between $500 and $500.

Although strong motors increase the cost, this is not the only thing to take into account. This is also factored into the price if the treadmill has a more advanced computer. A treadmill with a large console screen is no different (as mentioned above).

Because treadmills can be composed of components of different quality levels, construction is important. While certain components could be of the highest caliber, there might be those that are not, bringing the cost down and possibly making your ideal treadmill look more inexpensive. Any short-term savings will quickly disappear if you are trapped with faulty equipment.

2. Quality and durability

Because they are constructed with quality and longevity in mind, expensive treadmills are pricey and last longer. You must be willing to invest a bit of extra money if you want a treadmill that will endure. Cheaper treadmills can at first appear to be a good value, but they frequently break down or have other issues that might cost you more in the long term.

When you purchase a treadmill from a respected business, you can be confident that the item is well-built and constructed of high-quality components. This indicates that it won’t require maintenance or replacement for many years. In my view, you should make a solid investment if you are serious about working out often.

treadmills and treadmill console-why buy expensive treadmill

3. Console Display Size

The size of the console display may seem insignificant in the broad scheme of things, but it will really have a significant impact on your choice, at least financially. The console screens on most contemporary treadmills are used for control.

The best treadmills will display important information and have a number of additional entertaining features. Those who seek these more sophisticated capabilities will probably want a console display that is bigger.

Anyone who needs a bigger display will need to spend more money on their treadmill. Another significant benefit is that more information may be presented at once with a bigger display.

Other features might also be given more priority. Some people might decide to get a treadmill that has a console fan. As long as they encourage the customer to work out frequently, these advantages are worth the money. Those who initially refuse to pay more for a larger console size may actually wind up spending more in the long run. This is due to the likelihood that they would eventually spend a lot of money on desired extras, like a tablet holder.

woman on treadmill-expensive Treadmill belt or deck

4. Deck or Belt Size

Another important aspect of cost is the treadmill’s deck or belt size. For instance, taller customers must take the deck or belt size into account when beginning to reduce their options. A treadmill with an 18-inch belt may be used by walkers, but runners would need more room.

The greatest option for runners is a belt that is 20 inches wide or wider. Anyone who intends to run at full speed needs a belt that is at least 48 inches wide. Anyone over six feet tall or with a minimum inseam of 32 inches must also select a bigger belt.

A bigger belt must also be chosen if the wearer is taller than six feet or has an inseam that is at least 32 inches long. Although belts may be up to 60 inches wide, unless you are at least 6’4″ tall, you won’t need one that large.

Regardless of size, it is simple to grip a machine with a broader belt. Customers often overlook how tough it will be to bring the equipment through the door in these situations.

Please remember that getting a treadmill into your home may be difficult if the deck is wider than 18 inches. Before making a final choice, taller buyers should confirm that the proper dimensions have been collected. The cost will increase according to the size of the deck.

5. Weight Capacity

The manufacturer’s recommended maximum user weight is known as the weight capacity. Anyone looking for a smaller, less expensive treadmill should go for one with a weight capacity of no more than 250 pounds.

The cost will be higher for customers who demand a weight restriction of up to 400 pounds. Returning to our earlier discussion of continuous horsepower, larger individuals benefit more from treadmills with higher CHP.

These treadmills are made to function properly under greater strain and have longer lifespans. A consumer who weighs 250 pounds, for instance, shouldn’t buy a treadmill with a 250-pound weight restriction.

It is preferable to pick a treadmill in these situations that is at least 50 pounds heavier than your present weight. These requirements do not apply to those who are of ordinary height and weight since they may use any treadmill.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the weight capacity of the treadmill may not be exact to the nth degree. A UL accreditation should be prioritized by anyone who needs a treadmill with a higher weight capacity. Is this a backup plan? Of course not, but it is preferable to buying a treadmill without one.

6. Warranty

Due to the warranties and assurances that the manufacturers provide, treadmills are pricey. Most treadmills come with a one-year guarantee on all other parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame. Additionally, most businesses have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which raises the cost of the treadmill.

some treadmills-why buy expensive treadmills

7. Less Maintenance

To ensure that your treadmill lasts for a longer time, maintenance is essential. This is true whether you are paying a lot of money or have chosen to get a less expensive one.

Anyone who doesn’t want to invest a ton of time, energy, and money in maintaining a less costly model should, nonetheless, make every attempt to get a more expensive model.

First off, less expensive treadmills are ill-equipped to accommodate overweight users, which put an excessive load on them. Due to its more expensive components, a more expensive treadmill can readily aid overweight individuals.

This is how the less expensive producers can make money. They make parts at a lower cost; therefore the cost is essentially transferred to the customer. Major maintenance concerns are often left for the buyer to solve soon after their acquisition.

Some people might think that their warranty would give them the protection they need from these costs. Sadly, the greatest warranties are only offered in conjunction with more expensive choices.

When difficulties emerge, you won’t be able to go straight to the manufacturer if you opt to skimp on the treadmill now. In fact, it’s possible that you won’t have access to any warranties at all.

Consider it before selecting a less expensive treadmill. Additionally, lower-priced models won’t have the shock absorption properties that top-tier treadmills provide. These characteristics are a terrific way to minimize the regular hammering we experience when running on sidewalks and busy streets.

Otherwise, you might as well keep jogging outside, at least in terms of upkeep. When it comes to inexpensive treadmills, shock absorption elements are either non-existent or inadequate.

8. Ease of use

The primary feature that unifies the aforementioned components of an expensive treadmill, is simplicity of usage. Nobody wants to have to battle every time they get on the treadmill. If operating the treadmill is difficult, you have undoubtedly selected a low-cost model.

The more costly ones take great pleasure in being simple to use. Is the control panel simple to use, for instance? Can the user manage their exercise without exerting themselves excessively? The correct treadmill has been selected if the answers to these questions are yes.

Did you know that less expensive treadmills often operate at much slower speeds? Treadmills that cost less just can’t go that quickly. In actuality, they hardly ever go faster than seven to eight miles per hour.

On the other hand, top-notch treadmills may go faster than 10 miles per hour. Nobody wants to struggle to use a subpar treadmill merely to get a workout done. After all, they are meant to relieve stress rather than increase it.

9. High-quality parts and special features

Because Expensive treadmills have high-quality parts and special features, you can also customise your workout and get better treadmill workouts.

The weight limit of a treadmill is an indication of quality. You will be more comfortable using expensive treadmills than used ones or ones with low quality. Treadmills with motors with low horse power have less weight capacity and do not last longer. The higher the weight capacity of a treadmill, the higher its price and the longer its lifespan.

10. Customization

Most expensive treadmills have the custom workouts option. A custom workout automatically alters the incline and speed of the treadmill segment as you run on the treadmill.

With the custom workouts option, you can design your own pre-set treadmill workouts or exercises. Be preparing to use some dollars if you want to enjoy these facilities expensive treadmills offer.

The video below shows you a Life Fitness T5 Treadmill designed for all users. Its most important feature is the running customized surface.

Final Thoughts

One of the greatest, most practical, and adaptable fitness equipment pieces is the treadmill. With them, you can exercise in the convenience of your house while getting in shape, losing weight, and building stamina.

However, certain treadmills, especially those that are brand new, might appear to cost an eternity. For most people, the price of a nice model from a reputable manufacturer can range from $1500 to more than $3,000. But at the end of the day, it’s worth getting a durable treadmill.

Best Expensive Treadmills

Here are some best sellers in treadmills. You can check their details and prices on amazon.



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NordicTrack T Series Treadmills


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3. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill


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Expensive Treadmills FAQs

Are expensive treadmills worth it?

Given that treadmills are an investment, some people may experience sticker shock when they first buy one. According to the experts, a quality treadmill should start at around $1,000. Cheaper treadmills often won’t last as long and won’t feel as good to run on.

Are more expensive treadmills worth the money?

A high-quality treadmill should cost at least $1,000, according to the experts. Some individuals might be surprised when they first purchase a treadmill, given that it is an investment. Cheaper treadmills frequently have shorter lifespans and inferior running comfort.

Is it cheaper to use a gym or buy my own treadmill?

Because it is a onetime purchase, in my opinion, using your own treadmill is efficient and significantly less expensive. These days, joining a gym is expensive, not to mention the expense of transportation to get there. Moreover, you will be saving time by exercising at home.

It simply takes five minutes to get ready at home to go for a run, start an exercise DVD, or work out while listening to your favorite music. It is also significantly safer. Given the situation, working out at home is preferable since it is considerably safer.

What do you think about the best budget treadmills?

A home treadmill makes it much simpler to enjoy the health advantages of everyday exercise, regardless of whether you are an experienced runner or walker or are just starting out on your fitness path.

While there are many expensive, complicated treadmills on the market, a less expensive model gives you a comparable experience, but without all the bells and whistles like monitoring statistics.

There is a guide to choosing the ideal treadmill for your specific workout demands as well as a selection of our top cheap treadmills.

Is a maintenance plan worth it for a treadmill?

Yes, they are worth mending more than replacing, but it depends on how you want to utilize them. A straightforward belt replacement may not require an overhaul, depending on the extent of the damage that has already happened. However, bear in mind that replacement treadmill decks have varying prices. Repairs to treadmill motors also cost extra.

Should I buy used treadmill?

Purchasing a used treadmill is comparable to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. You can find terrific equipment at a great price if you know what you’re searching for and how to spot trash, and vice versa. Considering the qualities of expensive treadmills, which are probably new, one will prefer to go for it but if you don’t have the means, you can go for a relatively used one. This video gives you the things to check before buying a used tredmill

What are some good treadmills under $500?

Although most home treadmills cost at least $1,000, there are a few that compete for less than $500. Customers should be aware that even the finest cheap treadmills are of inferior quality and that many treadmills priced under $500 are likely to break down after just a few months.

The explanation is straightforward: If they were constructed with better components, the producers wouldn’t make money. Treadmills that cost a few hundred dollars more are superior in almost every way.

What is a good price to pay for a treadmill?

The best alternatives for runners looking for a cheap home treadmill are those with MSRPs of $1,499 or more that are now on sale for approximately $999. You should search for a treadmill with 3.0 CHP or more and preferably a motor with a lifetime guarantee in order to avoid compromising on horsepower for runners’ treadmills.



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