Thera- fit plus exerciser (User guide)

Rosaline needed a Thera-fit plus exerciser when she came to the hospital. She looked 50 years old and above. I ushered her in. I began asking her questions to know what had brought her to the hospital.

She said she was so stiff, and this started after the leg injury she sustained a year ago. She said she could barely do anything due to how stiff she was.

Rosaline couldn’t vibe and dance to any music. She explained how she enjoyed how other women or her age were flexible and mobile.

This was enough insight to know what could help her situation. I prescribed a Thera-fit plus exerciser for Rosaline and the results after some weeks were very good. Let me take you through the Thera-fit exerciser user guide. This article presents a Thera-fit plus exerciser user guide.

Thera- fit plus exerciser: Elements

  • Foot rest
  • Display
  • Mode-button
  • Bottom plate
  • Transport grip
  • Therapy grips
  • Handle
  • Infrared-receiver with LED (Thera- fit plus) adjusted button or resistance adjustment
  • Infrared-remote control (Thera- fit plus)
  • Thera- fit plus bed trainer(fixture)
  • Arm rest.

Thera -fit plus exerciser: Intended use

It is used:

  • At Home
  • In Clinics or doctor’s office for patients recovering from accidents, surgeries, etc.
  • Only for only patients able to walk. Patients who can improve their mobility at home.
  • As feet or upper arm trainer

Thera- fit plus exerciser: Safety rules

  • Keep the devices standing for at least an hour before using it for long distance transportation.
  • Do not press the receiver in order not to damage it.
  • Guarantee the best possible stability for the device by putting it on an even and anti-slip ground
  • For Thera-fit plus bed trainer, fix it with a special fixing 10.
  • Don’t lean the device on the wall because it can overturn and be damaged
  • Use only with the line voltage shown on the data plate. Plug it only to an earthed or grounded socket.
  • Do not use the device if you notice any defects in the power cable. Nobody should stumble on the cable being used.
  • In order to prevent electric shock, do not use Thera-fit plus in wet, damp or hot areas.
  • Before opening the casing in any case , take out the power plug
  • Thera-fit can never be used without the casing
  • In cleaning, the device never use any solvent- based fluency.
  • When using Thera-fit while sitting in a wheelchair, a slipping back cannot be avoided. So an anti-slip device is needed.
  • Train in tight clothes always
  • Do not get into the rests by putting down the entire body weight. Put the feet in the foot-rests 1 while staying seated.
  • When the device is on, never touch the pedals
  • Make sure you are in a physiological right training position.
  • Do not exceed 15 minutes when training for the first time. Slowly increase the training time to the individual capacity of a patient in question.
  • Start your training with the device with light passive gymnastics by motor.
  • Let the distance between the Thera-fit and the seat be large enough for the knee and hip-joints to be stretched. Start your training with a small distance and avoid over stretching.
  • Seek the doctor’s counsel immediately if any symptoms occur during or after training.
  • Children should not train alone without supervision.
  • Only professional dealers should be allowed to do repairs
  • The devices and their remote controls should be coded by the distributor, especially if you are using over one Thera-fit plus in a room.
  • Stop the training immediately if there are any abnormal sounds or smell. Disconnect the device from the power source and call the service technician.

Woman in gym carrying out vigorous aerobic exercise with a Thera-fit plus exerciser

Thera fit plus exerciser: Therapy Issues

Thera- fit plus Exerciser is used only for patients that can walk. The goal of the therapy is closely related to a specific patient. This can be to get mobility or to rehabilitate a patient after surgery or accident and get back mobility and capacity to work.

Patients can be instructed on how to use the device individually, but training must be set up by the doctor or therapist and the patient must be supervised.

The training should start slowly and increased to the patient’s capacity. Make sure the patient’s capacity is not stopped.

Thera fit plus exerciser: Ways of use

A Thera- fit plus exerciser is used as a foot-trainer or as an upper limb trainer.

-The patient sits on a chair or a wheelchair or lies on a gymnastics mat while using THERA-fit as a foot-trainer. The pedals are attached to the footrests 1. THERA-fit stands in front of the patient on the ground.

Thera-fit plus bed trainer can be fixed to the bed and use as a foot trainer while lying on the bed without the patient lying on a gymnastic mat.

The device is used:

  • By people with moving and walking disabilities
  • When there are general moving needs,
  • By people with sclerosis
  • At rheuma
  • When there are heat and circulation problems
  • By people with arthrose arthritis
  • By people suffering with Parkinson
  • At paraplegic
  • At apoplectic fit
  • By people with dialysis
  • By people with muscle atrophy.

-The Thera- fit plus exerciser is placed in front of the patient on a table and used as an upper limp trainer. The treatment grips 6 and maybe the armrests 11 are fastened to the pedals.

-THERA-fit is used at home, in clinics, or doctors’ offices. It is particularly for patients who are still recovering and are experiencing limitations in their mobility because of accidents, operations, or disorders that hinder displacement.

NB:Please only use the THERA-fit for patients who can walk or even with crutches or walking help without severe paralysis.

Thera- fit plus exerciser: Correct position of body

Make sure your position is in accordance with the training goal of the therapy while working with the device.

Start the training by choosing small distances between you and the device. This is to make sure there is no over stretching of the joints or damage to the muscles.

The bigger the distance between you and the device, the more your hips and shoulder joints will be stretched. Ensure that your feet are fixed exactly with the belts when using foot rest 1

Thera- fit plus exerciser: Planning the training

Consult the doctor or a therapist to plan or recommend how often and for how long you should exercise individually. It is extremely important to train regularly with the device to realize any improvements. Short but regular exercises are better than long ones that are exhaustive.

Start with a minimum of 5-10 minutes training in a row- if you are capable. Start from small capacity level and increase the training time, speed and power in small steps, day by day.

Never overcharge your capacity. The training therapy will be more successful if there will be no overcharge of any kind. You will feel the ease during the whole time of the therapy and the strength and mobility slowly increased.

Thera- fit plus exerciser: Active and Passive Training

Training actively, you will work against the adjustable resistance of the Thera-fit plus exerciser, using your own physical strength and energy.

When training passively, you work without using your own physical power. By using only the device, the main energy needed is provided by the device. Now Thera-fit plus has no motor and can only be used for active training. Thera-fit plus bed trainer has a motor. You can use it for active and passive training.

Thera-fit plus exerciser: Transport and Putting into Operation

Before first use

Take the device and check if there are any damages because of transportation. Also check if the voltage shown on the data plate is the same voltage shown on your power cable. If any case of wrong line or complications, call the technician.

Transport grip

For transport grip, Thera-fit and Thera-fit plus have transport grip 5. This makes it easy to transport the device. Do not lift the device for the risk of damaging yourself because the center of gravity of the device is shifted.

Power connection (Thera-fit plus and Thera-fit plus bed trainer)

Plug Thera-fit plus with the power cable to the socket and the device is ready as the diode at the receiver 9 shows a yellow light.

Thera-Fit plus Exerciser: Operation


You can train with or without shoes. Fit your feet easily in the foot rests1 by fixing the belt over your foot and then press it to the outside of foot-rest 1. Before every exercise, make sure that your feet are in the right position in the foot-rests 1. Fix safety with the belt.

Foot-rests 1 are easy to remove from crank 7 to change to grips 6. Do this by taking your foot out of the foot-rest 1, press with your hand against the forcing bolt on the lower side of foot-rest 1 and then pull the foot-rest 1 from the crank 7. Do the same with the second foot-rest.

If you want to stick the foot-rest 1, press the forcing bolt on the lower side of the foot-rest and lead the foot-rest 1 gently to block the crank 7. Ease the forcing bolt for the foot-rest 1 to engage distinctly.

Therapy grips

During the training of the upper limp body, the therapy grips 6 give a variety of grip positions. Therapy grips position 6 are easy to remove from the crank 7 to change the foot-rests this by pressing with your hand against the forcing bolt on the on the lower side of the therapy grips 6. Then pull the foot-rest 1 from the crank 7. Do the same for the second therapy grip 6.

If you want to stick the therapy grips 6 press the forcing bolt at the therapy grip 6 and lead the therapy grip slowly until to block the crank 7. Ease the forcing bolt for the therapy grip 6 to engage distinctly.

Arm rests

Patients with paralytics, light spasms or stiffness in the hands or arms area have a safe hold on the attachable arm rests 11. Belts provide the hold to the forearms in the arm rest 11.

You can put the arm into the arm rest 11 and fix it or fix the arm first in the armrest and then fix the arm rest the therapy grip 6.

Thera-fit plus exerciser: Cleaning and maintenance

Before you clean Thera-fit plus, always pull out the net adaptation. Use a damp, soft towel to clean the surface. Water must not get inside the display. Never use sharp, solvent-based or corrosive cleanser. Take care of films and stickers.

advantages of a thera-fit plus exerciser.
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Thera-fit plus exerciser: Advantages

The Thera-fit plus exerciser is a high-quality leg and upper-body exerciser for dynamic muscle training. It’s designed to make it easier for the elderly and people with minor physical limitations to get around.

The THERA-Trainer activo was designed for daily use at home and mobile use in clinics, medical offices, and nursing homes for the elderly.

The thera-fit plus exerciser is designed for people who have problems with movement, power, endurance, metabolism, or respiration because of aging, disease, or in the event of a casualty. The THERA-Trainer activo is appropriate for stroke, multiple sclerosis, Morbus-Parkinson syndrome, diabetic Mellitus, rheumatism, arthrosis, and dementia. Some of its advantages of Thera-fit plus exerciser are:

  • Thera fit plus exerciser helps you work out longer and enhances reciprocal muscle balance by allowing you to pedal forward and backward.
  • It is also helpful in that you won’t need the help of someone or a coach before you begin your exercise. You can always use it all by yourself.
  • With a Thera-fit exerciser, you can at your pace and time exercise depending on your daily activities.
  • You can use it from your wheelchair, or armchair without changing your position or being displaced.
  • You can use it at home and feel extremely comfortable and use when you like.


Quality Exercise Bike

There is a type of workout bike that works similarly to ordinary bikes but allows you to stay in one spot while pedaling. Riding a road bike provides you with a similar exercise.

The major distinction is in how these stationary bikes produce the resistance to provide a similar workout. Because you are not moving the object, the design needs you to apply more pressure to the pedals to spin the suspended wheel.

How it functions

An exercise bike can be used for a variety of purposes to meet a wide range of fitness goals. Here are some ideas on how an exercise bike can be of help to you.

•It can help to improve cardio

Your cardiovascular health will improve as you ride more. Measure your pulse before you exercise on your exercise bike. This is an amazing method to see how fit your heart is getting. Make a note of that figure so you don’t forget it, and then measure it again in two weeks. Keep track of your resting heart rate at both times.

•It is strength training

Cycling causes your lower body to strain itself in an isotonic manner. Your muscles are constantly expanding and contracting, putting forth long hours of effort.

Whether you push yourself all the way through or do interval training, you will notice a significant increase in strength. Increase the resistance as your muscles become stronger to continue training your lower body.

•It can help you lose weight

The primary motivation for most people to exercise is to lose weight. If you want to see actual benefits, you must engage in active physical activity while changing your diet. Thankfully, an exercise bike may offer you all the exercises you require. Every pedal rotation is another step closer to your goal, and a recumbent bike might make getting started even easier. Plus, because you never have to leave your house, this workout is much easier to fit into your schedule than going to the gym.

•It improves joint mobility

Your joint mobility is gradually improving during your workout, thanks to the low-risk benefits of an exercise bike. Your joints will expand and tighten the longer you are inactive. This is true if you suffer from arthritis.

It’s vital to keep your joints healthy by staying active and mobile. A gentle cycling program loosens stiff joints and minimizes edema produced by stagnation, effectively battling arthritic degeneration. Because your bike is indoors, you’ll be able to stay active all year.

•It keeps you in good health

Some individuals ride their bikes merely to stay healthy, which is a fantastic use of this equipment.

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or you spend long hours at the workplace. Either reduce or eliminate the amount of exercise you do. A stationary bicycle is an excellent way to improve your fitness.

•Low-risk exercise

Our bones and joints gradually grow weaker as we age. The same can be said for anyone who is recovering from an injury. It’s still necessary to receive enough exercise to keep healthy, but too many workouts place undue strain on somebody’s components.

An exercise bike, particularly recumbent types, is ideal for physical therapy and being active in later life. Their positive impact on your health helps you live longer while keeping your body healthy.

Wrapping up

I told Rosaline to get a Thera-fit plus trainer and keep it in her home for her convenience and personal use. A Thera-fit plus exerciser is a high-quality leg and upper-body exerciser for dynamic muscle training. It makes it easier for the elderly and people with minor physical limitations to get around. THERA trainer is helpful because it is at your home, so you can use it when you want to and at your convenience. You won’t need a coach or anyone to help you while you exercise with it.

You could use it whenever and how frequently you want to, I explained. She nodded as I explained and assured me she was going to get one for herself.

I told her to return to the hospital after a month of using the Thera-fit plus trainer so she can be examined. She honored her appointment. I examined her, and she had improved greatly.

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How does a Thera fit exerciser help?

Happiness and physical well-being are intertwined and influenced by a variety of circumstances. Regular exercise is the most effective approach to improve both. Daily exercise increases physical functions such as strength, endurance, and mobility, as well as circulation and metabolism, and mental well-being.

Regular exercise using a Thera-trainer reduces the harmful effects of inactivity, such as stiffness and loss of muscle tone, and improves daily activities.

Who benefits from Thera training?

Exercising using a THERA-Trainer is beneficial to persons who have lost movement because of several factors. We must move our bodies to stay physically and intellectually active and to counteract the effects of inactivity. Strength, mobility, endurance, and other attributes are maintained and restored through regular movement exercises.

What are the benefits of upper body exercise?

If you routinely use a THERA-Trainer at home, upper-body exercise is a reasonable choice. It aids in the relief of upper-body paralytic symptoms and the reduction of stiffness. Wheelchair drivers who do not have upper-body paralysis can use the exerciser to improve their strength and endurance, as well as their lung volume and overall fitness.



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