Snowboard Helmet: Can You Wear A Snowboard Helmet Biking?

Is a snowboarding helmet a dual helmet? Can you wear a snowboard helmet biking? Many people have the tendency to always risk wearing helmets that do not match with the type of sports in question.

Let us take, for example, skateboarding in which a lot of teenagers practice. We find some people wearing helmets meant for biking when skating. A lot of us can see it to be okay and considered as not being risky. Do you know helmets are designed for different sporting activities?

Therefore, many of these helmets have different shapes and functions. Different sporting exercises pose different risks and accidents.  Many questions can pop up in our minds regarding this remark because many people do not know that helmets are not to be shared for other sport activities.

Except if it is allowed by the competent body that set safety standards for sporting equipment like the CPSC (Consumer Product and Safety Commission), do not use helmet meant for one activity for another activity. There are rare sport helmets that go for other sports exercise (a dual helmet or a multi sport helmet)

A good example for this is motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets are helmets mostly used by motorcycle riders and this helmet is suitable for bicycling as well. Biking helmets protect the head from any sort of injury. We practiced differently these two exercises.

When it concerns snowboarding helmets, it used mostly them during cold seasons, for that is when the sport activity in question is practiced. For Snowboard helmets to be used for motorcycles is 85% YES and 15% NO.

Snowboard Helmet for Motorcycle.

Snowboarding is a sport activity carried out mostly during winter. So a snowboarding helmet has to also cater for the very low temperatures.

Research shows it is the best period to carry out snowboarding if you really want to enjoy it. Though snowboarding is best in winter, we find people snowboarding even in summer.

Snowboard helmets have main factions which are protecting and keeping your head warm. Even with these purposes, they can use snowboard helmets for biking if you want to have a ride in that cold winter morning.

However, it will not be advisable to use snowboard helmet in hot weather. As you bike with a snowboarding helmet, your heat can heat up quick. You will not be comfortable sweating under the helmet in hot weather.

Snowboarding helmets have a very good design features. They protect your head from all the corners of your head, the back and your front head. This helmet has no ventilation, which will therefore make you feel hot.

Snowboard Helmet for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a type of biking that differs from normal biking. It is just a type of biking but they carry its activities out on mountains. Uphill can be freezing, especially in winter. So with your normal bike helmet, you will not be comfortable in the cold. You can even contract common cold and catarrh.

They cannot use snowboarding helmets for mountain biking because their designs and purposes are very different. Except you want to take the risk. This is so because it can lead to a serious accident in which they cannot shield the shock waves of collision that the mountain biker from due to the wrong type of helmet.

So let us look at some differences between the helmets involve here.

Difference between Snowboarding Helmet and Mountain Biking Helmet

The two helmets have been designed differently.

  • The mountain biking helmet needs a lot of vents to cool the biker’s head, while the snowboarding helmet does not have any ventilation.
  • The snowboarding helmet gives full protection coverage from the front head, covering the ears too, and then extends to the back of the neck to prevent blows from ice and snow particles and should in case you fall. A Lot of snowboarding riders fall backwards.
  • Bike helmets have a protection that goes from the top to the sides and the back of your head but bike helmets do not have more internal foam liners like the snow board helmets

Motorcycle Helmets for Bicycling

Actually, with bicycling, you can use motorcycle helmets and it is more protective than bicycling helmets. Motorcycle helmets have protections at the front and it helps a lot especially to cyclists. These motorcycle helmets have protections at the front. That a lot of cyclists fall on their front, the motorcycle helmets will give you the required protection in case of accident that involves a collision with your front head.

Though many cyclists do not wear these motorcycle helmets due to heat. With this heat, the bike helmets become more uncomfortable for cyclists to use.

Another disadvantage of motorcycle helmets is that they are heavy. With the fact that these motorcycle helmets are heavy, they can easily lead to neck soreness or can give additional injuries in an accident.

 Difference between Mountain Biking Helmets and Bicycling Helmets

  • Bicycling helmets have a lot of ventilation as compared to the ventilation space on a mountain biking helmet.
  • Bicycling helmets are lighter than Mountain biking helmets.
  • The Mountain biking helmet protects more of the lower back neck of its host while the bicycling helmet does not.
  • Bicycling helmets are more aerodynamic in their shape, whereas Mountain biking helmets are not.

Why Are Cycling Helmets Shaped The Way They Are?

Have you ever wondered why cycling helmets are shaped the way they are? Well, not to wonder anymore about that. Many motorcycle riders do not stress a lot in riding like bicyclists, since their helmets offer a lot of ventilation and comfort. Bikes are electronic and easier for their riders to ride, but their helmets do not have a lot of ventilation holes as compared to bicyclist’s helmets.

They shaped these cycling helmets in a circular shape to take the head’s shape and to ensure that protection goes to both the rider and bicycle. With the help of aerodynamics, a lot of understanding comes now why cycling helmets are round.

They shaped these helmets the way they are for protection and to reduce are resistance as you speed on the road. The streamline shape aids aerodynamics around the cyclist helmet. They also protect the cyclist by absorbing a certain amount of shock energy, especially in some particular places on the head.

 Bike Helmet vs Skate Boarding Helmet

Compared to bike helmets, skateboarding helmets have multiple withstanding impacts than bike helmets.

  • Skateboarding helmets are more stylish than bike helmets
  • Bike helmets have more ventilation than skateboarding helmets.
  • They shaped differently the two helmets
  • Bike helmets do not cover the back of the head while skateboarding helmets do.

Sport Activities That Need Helmets

We have a lot of sports activities in the world of sports. Through many activities, we have selected sport activities that require helmets. To name a few of these sports activities, we have ; skiing, snowboarding, softball, hockey, American football, skateboarding, lacrosse , biking, mountain biking , cycling and many more.

All these sport activities require helmets because of the sports. If you look keenly, all of them have a common thing, which is the risk of hitting the head against an object. To secure the head, they make sure they use helmets for protection. Read also 11 American Sports that Require a Helmet


What are the common Helmet Safety Rules? 

  • Never wear a hat into a helmet.
  • Ensure your helmet fits you well before purchase
  • Have reflective stickers on your helmet so drivers notice you better.
  • If your helmet gets damaged, try to change it
  • Wear your helmet the proper way so it fulfills its function of protecting you.
  • Always fasten your helmet straps


Can You Use A Motorcycle Helmet For Cycling?

Many new cyclists ask this question and the truth is yes, you can use a motorcycle helmet for cycling. Why? The reason being that motorcycle helmets protect the cyclists even more than the way the normal cycling helmet does.

The motorcycle helmets protect an individual’s front head. If you notice a lot of cyclists have accidents with their front head or fall from the front. They rarely fall from the back.

Can You Wear A Snowboard Helmet For Cycling?

I cannot wear snowboarding helmets for cycling except the individual wears it during winter or the individual’s choice. The percentage of approval on this answer is 85% yes and 15% no.  Snowboarding helmets keep the snowboarders warm and give them a lot of protection.

Meanwhile, the cyclist’s helmet needs ventilation. If a cyclist wears a snowboarding helmet, they should prepare him or her for a head injury, which can cause discomfort.

Can I Use A Snowboard Helmet for Mountain Biking?

They cannot use snowboarding helmets for mountain biking, the fact being that snowboarding helmets bring in heat while mountain biking helmets need ventilation. Snowboarding helmets protect the cape of the neck more, while the mountain biking helmets protect more from the front head of the cyclist.

Are Bike Helmets And Snowboard Helmets The Same?

In reality, bike helmets and snowboard helmets are not the same. It has designed differently them and has different shapes. They play different functions. So you can only bear the risk of wearing a bike helmet in place of snowboard helmet because of the cold in the mountains.

Bike helmets give ventilation, while snowboarding helmets do not have ventilation. Bike helmets are not as heavy as snowboarding helmets. Their weight can reduce mobility and also can lead to a sore neck or back.

They used mostly snowboarding helmets during winter season while they use bike helmets any time and any season for biking.

Can You Use A Skateboarding Helmet For Biking?

Skate helmets are good and can be used for biking. This is so because skateboarding helmets are multi-purpose, while biking helmets are for a single purpose.

These helmets for skateboarding absorb a lot of hits because a skater explores a lot of styles. They designed bike helmets for one hit impact you change. Skateboarding helmets can be suitable for biking, too. To use a skateboarding helmet for biking, you need a good certification for that so you do not fall into trouble.

Is There A Difference Between A Ski Helmet And A Bike Helmet?

Yes! There is a big difference between these two helmets. They firstly designed differently a ski helmet from a bike helmet. Ski helmet and snowboard helmet can be used interchangeably. They perform the same function since skiing and snowboarding are very similar.

Second, a ski helmet has no breathing space inside the helmet while a bike helmet needs enough ventilation for the individual’s comfort.

A Ski helmet is heavy while a bike helmet is not heavy. This helmet weight is very important to note. Ski helmets absorb higher impacts of shock than a bike helmet is to absorb.

These helmets protect its host’s ears from cold while they designed differently the bike helmet because ventilation is needed.

Can You Use A Ski Helmet For Skateboarding?

You can use a ski helmet for skateboarding. Reason being that it will still protect you from shocks as usual. They mostly designed a ski helmet to absorb shock from falls during speeding. Skateboarding has a lot of risks and dangers and its helmets need to absorb multiple shocks from the falls.

Do You Need Goggles To Snowboard?

Goggles are a very crucial necessity when snowboarding. They help you protect your eyes from injuries you can get from the sports activity. This sport involves a lot of harsh wind and if your eyes are not protected, you can easily fall and have a serious injury. These goggles help with an appreciable increase in your vision when you are snowboarding.

Is A Helmet Supposed To Be Tight?

A helmet is supposed to fit comfortably and not be too tight or too loose. When you want to buy a helmet for your kid, make sure you verify if they feel comfortable in it and if it is not too tight. If a helmet is too tight, it might give you headaches.

Can You Use A Skateboarding Helmet For Snowboarding Helmet?

They can unfortunately not use skateboarding helmets for snowboarding. This is so because the risk level from a skateboarding helmet cannot measure up to a snowboarding helmet’s risk.

 What is the Importance of Snowboarding Helmets Certification when purchasing one?    

These certifications are important because they help you choose a helmet that meet the safety and avoid skull fracture or a brain injury in case of accident. Helmets that were created after 1999 should be able to meet up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standard.

Certification aids in bringing good helmets that will perform in their duties. A good certified helmet will not let you suffer from serious head injuries.

Helmets that are certified can withstand over one impact during a fall. It can withstand a limited amount of impacts before they advise it to change. If they are multi impact helmets

Is There A Difference Between Skateboarding Helmets And Snowboarding Helmets?

Very interesting, yes there is a tremendous difference between skateboarding helmets and snowboarding helmets. Skateboarding helmets have less space for your goggles as per snowboarding helmets. Snowboarding helmets keep you warmer than skateboarding helmets do.


A helmet protects one’s head from accidents. We should take into consideration their use or function and observe their designs.

This article will give you a good enlightenment about which helmet is good for which sports. If a particular helmet is not good, then do not try it and suffer the consequences.

Few helmets can be used for other sport activities aside if they are authorized. They have brought a Lot of helmets kinds up for the many sporting activities. Take note.



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