Modified ABC Diet Guide

Is the ABC diet too harsh for you to follow? Is it too risky for your health to lose weight so fast with low calorie intake per day? Here is the modified ABC diet guide to lose weight without too much low calorie intake.

The ABC diet plan (Ana boot Camp diet plan) is amongst many diet plans is where you lose weight by restricting the number of calories you take each day. For instance, the Pro Ana Diet.

The Ana Boot Camp Diet is a diet that is followed for strictly 50 days and it slows down the body’s metabolism to the least state. While following this diet plan, plot or mark out the number of calories you take on a chart.

Since the ABC diet is looked at as an extreme weight-loss diet, it makes it difficult for many people to follow. So making the diet easy for almost everyone to follow, the ABC diet plan was changed.

A modified ABC diet is achieved by adding several calories to the regular amount of calories on the ABC diet plan. ABC diet modified can include 300-400 additional calories to the regular calorie required.

This diet is changed so that many people can follow it. This article will give you enough insight into modified ABC diet plan. Take note that there are a variety of weight-loss diets that exist. Choose which is best for you if your health condition does not allow for ABC diet.

taking additional calories for the Modified ABC diet

What is modified ABC Diet?

A modified ABC diet is achieved by adding several calories to the regular amount of calories on the ABC diet plan. A modified ABC diet can include 300-400 additional calories to the regular calorie required. This diet is changed so that a variety of people can follow it.

The ABC diet is a starvation diet as it restricts your calorie intake to a risk level. It is not advisable to follow this diet. Some people work for about 8 hours a day while standing.

The ABC diet plan may be too harsh for them so they can go in for the modified ABC diet plan by adding more calories to the regularly required amount of calories.

Modified ABC diet plan

Just include an additional 300 to 400 calories on the normal ABC diet plan. The ABC diet plan is an extreme weight-loss diet plan that lasts for 50 days and is separated into 5 different phases.

This diet plan entails you consume little calories, leading to weight loss. The goal of this diet is for you to reduce your calorie consumption.

The elaborate ABC diet plan that spans over a 50 days period is presented below. The calorie intake per day is also included. Your calorie intake ranges from 0 to 800.

The 50-day ABC diet plan divided into 5 phases

Phase 1(from day 1 to day 10)

  • Day 1-2: here your calorie intake should be 500
  • Day 3: eat 300 calories
  • Day 4: eat 400 calories
  • Day 5: consume 100 calories
  • Day 6: eat 200 calories
  • Day 7-9: here, eat 100 calories daily until it reaches 500 calories
  • Day 10: Today is a fasting day as you are to consume 0 calories

Phase 2 (from day 11 to day 20)

  • Day 11: 150 calories
  • Day 12: 200 calories
  • Day 13: 400 calories
  • Day 14: 350 calories
  • Day 15: 250 calories
  • Day 16: 200 calories
  • Day 17: do not consume any calories
  • Day 18: 200 calories
  • Day 19: 100 calories
  • Day 20: fasting (consume 0 calories)

Phase 3(from day 20 to 30)

  • Day 21: 300 calories
  • Day 22: 250 calories
  • Day 23: 200 calories
  • Day 24: 150 calories
  • Day 25: 100 calories
  • Day 26: 50 calories
  • Day 27: 100 calories
  • Day 28: 200 calories
  • Day 29: 800 calories
  • Day 30: 0 calories

Phase 4(day 31 to day 34)

  • Day 31: 250 calories
  • Day 32: 350 calories
  • Day 33: 450 calories
  • Day 34: consume no calories

Phase 5(day 34 to 50)

  • Day 35: 500 calories
  • Day 36: 500 calories
  • Day 37: 450 calories
  • Day 38: 400 calories
  • Day 39: 350 calories
  • Day 40: 300 calories
  • Day 41: 250 calories
  • Day 42: 200 calories
  • Day 43: 250 calories
  • Day 44: 200 calories
  • Day 45: 200 calories
  • Day 46: 300 calories
  • Day 47: 200 calories
  • Day 48: 150 calories
  • Day 49: 150 calories
  • Day 50: consume no calories

This diet plan is very strict and has a lot of disadvantages. Starving has many disadvantages for your health.

Disadvantages of the ABC diet

The body needs an average of 1500-2000 calories daily to run, but the ABC diet plan requires that you consume 800 and fewer calories a day. Following this diet can lead to:

  • Fatigue
  • Body weakness
  • Malnutrition
  • Lightheadedness
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Blackouts

Lack of enough vitamins and nutrients can also lead to damaged organs.

Another disadvantage of this diet is that it can make you used to this bad way of eating and this is so unhealthy

girl on abc diet

Benefits of the ABC diet

The ABC diet makes you burn calories, losing weight. Your body uses stored fats for energy since you barely consume enough calories following this diet. However, the ABC diet may only be effective when you are on this diet. The moment you stop the diet, you can gain weight.


ABC diet plan before and after weight loss

The Ana Boot Camp diet plan is a 50 days diet plan divided into five cycles. Each of the five cycles has a day where your calorie intake is supposed to be zero.

Before you begin your weight loss journey by using the ABC diet plan, check your weight. This is to help you keep track of your weight throughout your weight-loss diet.

Of course, you mustn’t complete the 50 day’s plan and that is a safer way. Immediately after you complete the entire 50 day plan, you can begin an exercise routine to stay in shape.

ABC diet chart

Most people feel hungry while following this diet plan and that is normal because the diet is strict. Some people do not complete the diet plan for the entire 50 days, and that is okay. You are always free to end this diet whenever you want to.

You can as well do this diet plan for a shorter period. The shorter you follow this diet, the safer it is. You might even start noticing changes in your weight after the second phase.

While following the ABC diet plan, you mature to drink much water to avoid dehydration. While following this diet, check your health often to avoid endangering your health.

measuring waist fat abc diet

ABC diet weight loss calculator

To lose weight, ensure that the number of calories you burn is more than the number of calories you consume. Weight loss means a decrease in your body mass because of the loss of body fats.

Your body loses weight when the amount of energy it sends out is more than the amount of energy that gets into the body.

To lose weight, it is essential to have a weight loss calculator. In a weight loss calculator, you need to enter certain information about yourself, like your current weight, and the number of calories you plan on consuming daily.

You also need to enter your age, sex, height, and your activity level inclusive. The calculator then accesses this information and provides you with a customized chart showing what you should weigh on a particular date. The calculator can only do this after you have filled in your personal information.

Modified ABC Diet myproana

Since the ABC diet plan is extreme and requires only little calorie consumption, it is unhealthy. This is the reason it has been changed. Changing it means you can add an extra 300 to 400 calories to the regular calories required in the ABC diet. ABC diet changed is less aggressive and is preferable to the actual ABC diet.

ABC diet when sick

The BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) is the best diet to follow when sick. This diet is recommended, especially for people who are vomiting, nauseating, and people suffering from diarrhea. This is because they comprise foods that are gentle on the stomach.

The BRAT diet makes your stool firm and replenishes the nutrients the body has lost through diarrhea and vomiting.

When you are sick, avoid foods like milk and dairy products, and avoid citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, and added sugars like candies and even juice.

There is an ABC diet for diarrhea. If you discover you have diarrhea, focus on eating only the ABCs like Applesauce, Bananas, and Carrots. Foods rich in fiber are helpful with diarrhea and constipation.

 abc diet weight lost calculator

ABC Diet Plan No Fasting

The Ana Boot Camp diet is technically a starvation diet. It is in 5 phases and every day has the number of calories it requires. The calorie intake per day ranges from 0 to 800.

On some days, you consume zero calories fasting. The 50th day of the ABC diet plan is one of those fasting days.

You are also advised to drink a lot of water while on this diet to prevent dehydration. You can eat any meal you want to, but the major goal is for the calorie intake to be low.

Wrapping Up

The Ana Boot Camp diet is a diet where your calorie intake is reduced so that you can lose so much weight. This diet plan is so harsh that it can lead to symptoms of anorexia like fatigue, dizziness, and insomnia.

This diet isn’t so effective because immediately after the 50 days are over, the weight you lose comes back. You can check out other diet plans for weight loss that are effective rather than following the ABC diet plan.

FAQs about ABC died Modified

How Much Weight can You Lose on the ABC Diet?

This will depend on the individual in particular. Most of the people who use this diet already have a nice body or are underweight, so they lose 10 to 20 pounds.

This diet is good for people who are obsessed because it is an extreme diet plan. People who are overweight can lose about 25 to 30 calories.

How do People Stick to the ABC Diet?

This diet plan has a 50 day plan for you to follow. If you want to stick to this diet plan, you will need to be patient and endure risky anorexia tendencies for about one and a half months.

Your calorie intake shouldn’t exceed 800.

Does the ABC Diet Work for Weight loss?

It is but normal that at the end of the 50 days you will lose some weight. However, it isn’t worth it because you might start experiencing symptoms of anorexia and all the weight you lost will come back when the low-calorie diet is over.

Is the ABC Diet Safe?

No, no, no! The ABC diet encourages people to lose weight through starvation. After 50 days, the ABC diet stops being effective.

How does the ABC Diet Work?

This diet requires that you consume low calories by switching your calorie amount every day. This helps to reduce your body’s metabolism, leading to weight loss.

Normally, the body needs an average of 1000 calories to carry out its normal functions, but in this diet, your calorie intake is restricted to 800 calories or fewer





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