How to Put a Visor on a Football Helmet

football helmet showing mask but no visor
football helmet

Visor on football helmet, American Football or simply football is a popular sport loved by many and it gives us the most adorable moments. In this post we are going to discuss the importance of a visor on a football helmet and how to put a visor on a football hell. However, Let’s start by knowing what football is.

A type of team sport played using an oval ball on a gridiron-shaped field. Touchdowns and field goals are most common ways to score points., each team has eleven players on the pitch.

In the United States, it is simply known as football.

Because of the passion for football, I said to myself; I was going to get into football.

With 6 feet I knew I had the Ideal Height for the game, so I carried on my studies and got to the various positions which are as follows;

Quarterback (QB), Offensive Linemen (O-Line), Tight End (TE), Wide Receiver (WR), Running Back

Offensive line, defensive end, defensive tackle, Weak side Linebacker, Middle linebacker, Strong side linebacker, Cornerback, Free safety, Strong safety.

Had no money to enroll in a professional football school so took upon myself for personal training.

At the moment, I did not know about the importance of Visor on a football helmet, not to mention how to put a visor on a football helmet. At first I got myself a bicycle helmet because I couldn’t afford a real football helmet.

After a couple of training days, a tragic event happened. I had a face-to-face collision with a friend who had the football helmet and I had a bicycle helmet which got me to the hospital for 6 weeks. After leaving the hospital, I went on studies to know the importance of a visor on a football helmet and how to put a visor on a football helmet.


This fooball players are wearing helmets with visors
Helmets with visors

What Is a Visor?

In football, a visor is a curved piece of plastic that fits to a player’s mask and covers the eyes.

Players benefit from visors in a variety of ways, including filtering sunlight and protecting their eyes. They’re also colored or prescription-ready for those with vision issues.

There are various factors to consider while going for a football visor and some facts to consider can be listed as follows;

The Material

Polycarbonate is used in several football visors. Visors come in a variety of brands. They provide players with clarity. A visor has a shock dampening attachment to prevent damage.

The manufacturer has specifically instructed how to fit a visor. It features a universal fit for many visors without the use of any tools. The visors also come with quick-release clips.

Only a few of them employ APVX. This material is transparent, lightweight, and less likely to crack. HDO is made of Oakley’s material, which allows for a clean view.

Tinted visors prevent UVB, UVC, and UVA rays and harmful blue light. It is simple to find many visors in all colors. The visor comes in a variety of colors as well.

The multi-colored visors are used as the sunshine fades.

The football coach should examine each player’s face. Examine the player for any injuries or special needs. Also, give them multi-colored visors.

If a player’s eyes have problems, they can put on rainbow visors on prescription. You must understand how the visors are attached to the helmets and how you can make use of the visors.

The Styles and Design of a Visor

There are a series of points to be noted, while choosing the design of a visor for your football helmet. Let’s go through some of these points.

  1. The National College Athletics Association Rules On Visor (NCAA) which states that ” visors must be clear and tint-free, and they must be made of molded and stiff material, according to NCAA rule 1-4-5s”
  2. The National Football League Rules which states; ”Football visors are worn by players on the field. On-field use of football visors is governed by particular NFL rules. Players who do not have a medical exemption are currently limited to wearing simply a clear visor. There is no “swag” (such as lettering) of any kind allowed, and officials have been told to keep a tight eye on the players’ visors.”
  3. The National Federation Of state High School Association on visors which states that ”The NFHS allows all juvenile football players to wear visors, however tinted visors are not permitted; visors must be transparent. The NFHS specifies that it be made of a stiff, molded material such as polycarbonate, which is not flexible”

The Purpose of a Football Visor

These are some reasons visor helmet are needed

  • Eye Protection: Injuries are a common occurrence in football. Football visors are worn to prevent eyes and face injuries. Your eyes are protected from the fingers of other players and dust or mud particles depending on the season.
  • Vision Corrections: Before starting a game, football players may examine their eyes. It is necessary to have good eyesight in order to play football.
  • Filtering Light: Football players are shielded from the sun by a variety of football visors. During the summer, a variety of football visors are worn to help with visibility.
  • Hiding Eyes: The challenger may see through the multi-colored football visors. Eye movement is hidden, and this makes it easy for the players to easily trick the opponent.
  • Football requires a high level of vision. When looking for open receivers, running lanes, blocking assignments, or the ball carrier, athletes need a good view. A football helmet visor can be installed to protect your vision. So this helmet addition protects your eyes from both opponents and the elements.
  • Fashion: Football visors–often known as eye shields–may also be a terrific method for athletes to express their individuality.
    football helmet having no visor
    visorless helmet

    Various tints, colors, and designs can be a great way to make a statement while on the field.


It’s easy to put a football visor on, but you should make sure your gear is ready for the field. With these Pro Tips, follow along through this guide as I walk you through the step-by-step procedure on how you can install a visor on a football helmet by yourself in the simplest way ever.

1) Put The Decals on The Visor.

We recommend putting the decals on the visor before mounting it on the facemask.

It’s easier to apply the decals to the visor before installing them, and you’ll be able to position them where you want them.

2) Put the Hardware Together

(unnecessary On Certain Models)

Push the T-Nuts into their corresponding plastic T-Nut sleeves in your hardware bag. Some visors, such as the VZR1 Visors, come with tool-free installation clips.

3) Take Off The Helmet’s Facemask.

Remove the helmet’s facemask by unscrewing all screws holding the facemask to the helmet with a Philips-head screwdriver.

4) Put the Visor on the facemask

Make sure the visor is centered and in front of your range of vision before placing it on the internal side of the facemask.

5) Fasten the Visor with Visor Clips

Align the visor clips with the visor’s intended holes. Push the visor clips over the facemask bar closest to the hole in the visor from the top down.

6) Insert The Visor Tabs In The Visor.

Using your fingers, pinch the visor clips and the visor together.

Once you align the holes, place the T-Nuts on the inside surface of the visor clips (towards your face) and tighten the screws from the outside in, squeezing the visor in spot. IMPORTANT: When you feel it has fitted tightly, stop. I recommend you should not tighten the screws too much.

Finally, double-check that your visor fits comfortably behind your facemask and does not obstruct your vision.

Some risks associated with poorly fit football helmets

With fit, there was no difference between brands or sizes. Your helmet has to fit snugly to secure your head well. Let’s highlight some risks in American football you are exposed to if your helmet doesn’t fit well, maybe because of poorly installed visor.

  • When the football helmet fits incorrectly, it predisposes the player to sustain more serious concussion. The player will experience some symptoms and Concussion Vital Signs we discussed earlier. Properly fitted helmets optimize protection against concussion.
  • Improper fitting helmets expose the player to high rates of noise, hyper excitability and drowsiness
  • The athletes’ cervical muscles in the neck will not reduce the impact force properly if the helmet is not fitting snugly. Cervical muscles play an important role in absorbing shock from impact. So the force might reach the brain when the body parts rotate during high-speed impacts.
  • Poorly fitting helmet exposes the players to the risk of skull and jawbones fractures during high impacts.

    Football helmet without a visor on it
    Football helmet

Prescription Visor for Football Helmet

You can’t just stroll into your local drugstore and pick up a visor in a small white bag.

Football visors, in fact, can be got without a prescription online (see references). The equipment manager for your squad might help you order and receive a visor. In this scenario, the prescription is a license to use rather than a purchase authorization.

It serves as proof to coaches and league officials you need to wear the visor during games because of a medical condition, so keep it with your gear in case it’s ever in doubt.

You could want to ask an assistant coach or manager if they can keep the medication on the sidelines while the game is going on.

A medical requirement for players with sun sensitivity or a risk of eye injury could be an in-helmet football visor.

Running backs and receivers, in particular, must be mindful about the safety of their eyes, as they are frequently confronted by defenders.

Most leagues, however, have severe restrictions against in-helmet visors and other eyeglasses, and they frequently require that the player have a prescription proving medical necessity.

However you if you have to take prescription visor I will advise you to do the following before you go for it

Talk To You Athletics Director

You should first speak with your coach or athletic director about your need for a visor.  To avoid further deterioration of an existing eye injury? Have you had sensitive eyes?

Is it possible that light sensitivity cause your migraines? The rules unique to your league should be available from your coach or athletic director. In some states, like as New Jersey, they permit only non-tinted visors. Your team may also have its own visor policies.

Discuss With Your Team Doctor 

Consult your team doctor about the requirement for a visor. Although he won’t be able to issue you a prescription for the visor, he should be able to answer any sports-related eye concerns.

He may also send you to a professional eye doctor who can write the prescription for you. Getting a referral from a sports medicine professional can aid in the prompt delivery of your medication.

If you opt to go to an eye doctor on your own instead of seeing your team doctor, make sure you are clear and forthright about your needs when you schedule your appointment.

Explain over the phone that you require a doctor who can write a prescription for a football visor and that you are looking for a specific appointment for this purpose. If the receptionist isn’t sure if they have a doctor who can or would do it, ask her to find out before you schedule an appointment.

Discuss With Your Eye Doctor

Be honest about your needs when you visit a specialist who can provide a visor prescription.

Say so if you’re simply concerned about an eye damage. Make no false statements about pre-existing eye conditions, as the expert will refute them and will be less likely to write you a prescription.

Note that if you go to your eye doctor on the recommendation of a sports medicine expert, your eye doctor may be more inclined to write a visor prescription without a lot of questions and tests because she will know that you have already discussed the issue with a physician.

Comparing Football Visor to Football Goggles

I have carried on some few researches on the best to use for your games because many people have been trying to find out which is the best to wear during games visor or goggles?

To my personal observation I can say there are few chances you will come across a prescribe visor but you will always come across prescribe goggles for football.

There are reasons which I will  state below why you will easily come across football goggles but not across football visor

If you’ve been searching the internet for prescription football visors, your search results are likely to be short in supply. Regrettably, no manufacturer can produce prescription football visors.

There’s a better option: prescription football goggles that allow you to play more effectively on the field. Find out why prescription football visors aren’t available and why football goggles are the best option. Also, from another point of observation, a football visor has an excessive amount of curvature.

With lenses, a curve shows distortion, sometimes known as the “fishbowl effect. “For this reason, many prescription sunglasses with a lot of wrap or curve are difficult to come by.

We’re great at identifying high Rx solutions, but even then, technology can only do so much. To aid with the problem of wearing a thick lens in a curved frame, certain eyewear firms have produced inserts, docks, or adaptors. The curve of a football visor, however, is considerably more severe than that of a sunglass lens. You can also read How to Paint a Football Helmet


People always ask why it is necessary to wear a football helmet with a visor.

Well, from my research and personal experience, the most import rule of the game is not winning but safety. You don’t want to get on the pitch to play a game and end with a skull fracture just because you didn’t take caution as to protect your head.

Why should my helmet have a visor?

For the sake of a better gaming experience and to protect your eyes from dirt, sun ray and many more your helmet needs a visor I once saw on a training ground where a guy lost his sight just because he didn’t have the visor to protect his eye and a finger accidentally got in his eyes.

Well, it was an accident, but he lost his sight. So you might not want to face same fate. It’s always advisable to wear your helmet with a visor irrespective of its training or proper match.

What are the chances of not sustaining an injury after wearing the helmet?

Just like any other sport, there is no 100% guarantee you will never sustain an injury. For it might not be around the head, you might have a foot fracture of broken ribs, and many more. But what I know is wearing a football helmet will reduce the risk of sustaining a major head injury.




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