Boy skateboarding with a painted helmet

Are you searching for something unique as a gift for an exceptional friend? Don’t be disturbed because a hand-painted skateboard helmet can be a memorable gift. In this guide, I will show you a step-by-step procedure of how to paint a skateboard helmet. skateboarding is one the 11 American sport that requires a helmet for head protection during a collision in an accident.

Who doesn’t love something customized? If your friend is a skateboarder or a bike lover, he would definitely love it. You can also make one for yourself and paint it at home as well. There are several ways to paint your skateboard helmet.

You can make use of the marker, acrylic, or spray paint. Before we go into painting a skate boards, let’s first look at how to clean a skateboard.

How to clean a skateboard helmet

Going skateboarding as a matter of fact is pleasing, joyful, and entertaining, especially for skateboard lovers. Skateboarding is a sport that can really make you sweat because it is working with your whole body.

Aside from the fact that you should bend your knees and tighten your ankles, your upper body should also take part to control the direction you are going. To add, what if it is a sunny day?

Even the best skateboard helmet will feel like a burning furnace which results to soaked in sweat. Since this can’t be avoided, you need to learn how to clean a skateboard helmet.

If it is your concern on how to clean a skateboard helmet, then put on your shoes and discover the step-by-step skateboard helmet cleaning hacks. You will be able to clean your helmet with very little effort and time if you pay extreme attention to this step by step method.

Step 1: Open removal pads

There are many skateboard helmets that have removal pads inside the helmet for your head fit. For instance, you will find many skateboard helmets for hot weather and big heads which have removal pads, then you first task is to open them.

Step 2: Make soapy water

Pour the amount of water you need to sink the helmet in the bowl. After that, add some liquid baby cleansing or any other washing-up liquid into the water. Jiggle the water with your hand till the point where it makes bubbles.

Step 3: Soak the helmet into the soapy water

Allow the helmet and removable pads in soapy water. Then soak them for some time to loosen the dirt.

Step 4: Pat the helmet, chin belt, and pads

After 5–10 minutes, take an old toothbrush and gently rub all the things. When rubbing, give a little pressure on chin straps because it mostly gets dirty because of absorbing a lot of sweat.


Step 5: Wash things with clean water

After cleaning the things, it’s time to rinse them with fresh tap water to remove soap and odor. Now take to face towel or any other soft cloth and wipe your helmet, chip straps with the towel. You have to also gently squeeze the pads to remove excess water from the pads.

Step 6: Keep it on the sun or air

After wiping the helmet, it won’t be completely dry. That is why if you keep them in a sunny space or an airy area for some time, then they will dry from every corner.

Some tips and tricks on how to wash your skate board helmet

  • Use no chemical cleaner to clean your skateboard helmet because these cleaners have an odor that irritates you while wearing the helmet.
  • Vinegar contains aesthetic acid, a germ disinfectant power so you can add white vinegar to your soapy water.
  • Never use hot water in place of warm water to clean your helmet. If you use extreme hot water, that will destroy the helmets’ color and path thickeners.

With all these tips on how to clean your skateboard helmet, you are now ready to star painting immediately. Also see how to clean bike helmet


Painting Skateboard Helmet Using a Marker

  • Choose your design.
  • Prepare your markers ready for painting.
  • Draw the outline first and make sure you fill the design with markers.
  • Wait for at least 7-10 minutes to dry the first layer before applying the second layer.
  • Repeat step 4 every time you add a new color to avoid color mixing.
  • Outline the border with a black marker to highlight the design or letters.

Painting Skateboard Helmet with Acrylic Colors

Acrylic colors are the most available colors that we all have in our houses. You can paint your helmet with acrylic colors too! The steps are pretty same!

  • In order to keep a good track, print your design in advance.
  • Make your colors and brushes ready
  • Apply paint primer. Note that you can purchase it from any creative store that sells colors. The primer will give you smooth finishing and you will need less color while painting.
  • Produce the shape first and fill up the design with colors.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes to dry the first layer before applying the second layer.
  • Repeat step 5 each time you add a new color to avoid color mixing.
  • In order to highlight the style or letters, outline the border with black colors
  • To make the colors more durable, coat with varnish. You can see vanish for the helmet in any crafting store at your locality.

Painting Skateboard Helmet with Spray Painting

You need to follow the cleaning steps as well in order to paint your helmet with spray paint.

  • Cover the area of the helmet with masking tape that you don’t want to paint.
  • Mask that area as well if you want to keep the basic color of the helmet in some parts.
  • You can create your design be cutting the masking tape.
  • Also, carefully paint with spray paintings.
  • Before applying a new color, wait at least 10 minutes in order to dry the first layer of the color.
  • Apply 2 layers of color to make the darker shade.
  • Re-do step 5 every time before applying a new color.
  • Take off all the masking tape when the color is completely dried.
  • In case you wish to paint your name on it, use an outlining brush and acrylic color to put down your name on it..

Your customized helmet is now ready to use!

What to do and what not to do while painting your favorite helmet:

  • Since the colors are very much uncertain and may generate a mess, prepare your area.
  • Make sure you cover the surface you are painting on with a newspaper or any paper before spraying the paint on the helmet as it might leave a blemish on the table.
  • Examine the room temperature. A too hot or too cold temperature is not very satisfactory for painting.
  • Use an apron to avoid any undesired blemishes on your clothes.
  • Don’t be in a hurry when painting using spray paint.
  • Do not leave your markers open and unattended, it may dry out.
  • Do not begin your painting without thinking about the design. The surprise graffiti may not always turn out as you expected.
  • We should take note that don’t go for too cheap when you are buying painting materials. It will not cost you that much to get the best helmet painting, so you should get more long-lasting colors.


Is It Really Notable Painting an Old Helmet?

Of course, it is. You can never compare a hand-painted helmet with one which is factory made. This is because you may not get the exact design that you want to purchase at all times. So the best option can paint a helmet in order to put on your dearest pattern. Also, it is cheaper to repaint an old helmet than to get a new one. The best part of painting your skateboard helmet is that you can match your design with your skateboard. A matching skateboard and helmet will make you unique in your group.

Finest Colors for Skateboard Helmet Painting

In case you are searching for a detailed design, then a better option will be the marker. This is because the marker dries faster and easy to paint. It will give you a superb Matt finish. If you are a holdup artist, spray paint will be much preferable for you. It should take note that a standard spray paint gives you a glossy finish and long-running colors.

The total of Colors You Need For Painting a Skateboard Helmet

You know that is depends on the style you choose and the amount of colors you want to use in your helmet. A single spray bottle contains about 400 to 500 ml and can easily cover around 25 square feet surface.

For markers, one marker for each color will be enough to paint a helmet if you are making use of 3 to 5 colors.


A customized stylish and pro-tech helmet shows your personality. A story telling graffiti on your helmet will at all-time make you stand out in the multitude. So why don’t you try today to paint your own narrative skateboard helmet?




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