11 Best Ideas on How to Hide Treadmill at Home

Bringing a treadmill home is a great idea. However, this can affect the aesthetic of your room if you do not have the best ideas on how to hide treadmill at home. Dust build-up on the treadmill console and other parts are other reasons you will want to conceal your treadmill at home.

How to hide a treadmill at home can be a difficult problem to solve when you do not have a reserved exercise room. You have to cover your treadmill, maintaining the beauty of your room and making sure it is out of the reach of children.

This article takes you through 11 amazing ideas on how to hide your treadmill at home and preserve the beauty of your room. Before we dive into these ideas, let’s first look at how to set up a treadmill at home. And you will surely be interested to have more insight on How to stay safe on a Treadmill.

woman on treadmill-How to stay save on a treadmill and Ideas on How to Hide Treadmill

Setting up A Treadmill at Home

Place the deck on the floor after deciding where to place your treadmill. Keep in mind that you should leave around 5 to 6 feet of area clear behind the treadmill’s deck.

This is a preventative measure that will lessen injuries in the event that you slip or fall off the machine’s back.

The treadmill’s arms should then be connected to the deck. Most electrical wiring for treadmills is relatively user-friendly and won’t require a degree in electrical engineering. However, certain treadmills could have electrical wiring that has to be connected.

Connecting the Console

Connecting the console is what many people believe to be the most hard part of learning how to set up a treadmill. The cables for slope and speed are connected to the treadmill consoles by two or three wires in most cases.

The capabilities of your treadmill will determine how many cables are needed. There is no need to worry about shocks or electrocution because the wires will probably be clearly identified and merely need to be placed into the appropriate slot. When screwing the console onto the arms of the treadmill, make sure the cables are hidden and are not pinched.

The console may be put together and attached once the arms are properly bolted in place. Electrical cables must also be connected in order for this component to function.

Lifting the belt at least three inches from the track should be possible. This may sound excessive, but if the belt is excessively tight, it is more likely to tear or break-the last thing you want in the middle of a run.

Be careful to verify that the belt is centred on the track and correctly aligned. The conveyor belt could have moved during transportation. Simply tighten the bolt to realign the belt to the middle of the track on the side of the track that it has drifted toward.

Treadmill in living room ideas

Finding a suitable area in your own living room to position your treadmill can be challenging sometimes. You might want to work out at your convenience, but there are people around. These ideas can help you conceal your treadmill in your living room and do some workouts without that much attention.

1.Portable Screen

Finding a folding screen that suits your taste and blends in with the decor of the room should be straightforward. A folding screen is a suitable barrier if your treadmill is far from where the house mops are utilizing the space.

People shouldn’t run into folding screens because they aren’t stationary. You may effortlessly set the screen aside or fold it flat out of the way when using your treadmill. You could feel less constrained after the screen is taken down.

There are several internet stores that provide folding screens in a variety of styles and price points. Pick one that will fit your treadmill and tuck it away in a corner.

Most of these folding screens have a height of five to six feet. The more a screen will fit in the area where you put your treadmill, the higher the ceilings in the room. Use any extra artwork in the space where you have your treadmill to coordinate your folding screen with the other furniture. The panels may also be covered with contrasting, contrasting, or combining fabrics.

2. Privacy Screen to hide.

When you cover your treadmill with a protective cover, you leave an open space on either side. This could or might not be significant, depending on where you are. The ideal solution would be a blank space.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing if the treadmill is put across the corner from the block in front of it that blocks off the corners. Instead of the more common four-panel folding screen, use a six-panel folding screen if a corner is not an option, and a wall is your only other choice.

3. Use decorative panels.

You may use the decorator panel to cover up your treadmill for aesthetic reasons. Along with hiding your treadmill, it also makes your décor more distinctive. The best type of panel for such decor is a hardwood panel since it is fantastic and a worthwhile investment to keep.

On the other hand, you may purchase and utilize similar decor folds if you wish to coordinate this panel with other decorative objects. People who like décor would really like this choice.

4. Treadmill Cover

You may use treadmill machine covers to conceal your equipment if you want to do so in a more casual manner. If your machine doesn’t already have one, you can buy one to serve as protection against abuse or interference if some machines do.

5. Use drapes or a room separator.

The ideal option is to use curtains or room dividers if you have a spacious room where you need to put your treadmill machine and hide it from the living area. When you need to utilize your treadmill machine, you simply swing open the door, and you can quickly tuck it away again. This is a useful and economical way to conceal the treadmill. You may make it advantageous to hide it by using any court that is accessible.

Then, and only then, will you be open to learning what is behind those drapes. The curtains are simple to open whenever you want to use your treadmill. Swing them shut after you’re done to provide a hiding area for your things that will soften the room.

6. Create a Wall

If all else fails and you want to totally seal off the area where the treadmill will be placed, you may create a wall for it. It’s an extension wall meant to conceal the needed area rather than a real brick wall. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete wall, but it might be. Instead of using a full wall, you might use a half-wall and avoid sealing the ends.

You may build the wall out of an old or new bookcase, allowing space for your treadmill between it and the wall behind it. You can hang a stunning work of art, family photos, or another creative display on the wall.

Another option is to construct a strong, narrow wall and cover it with attractive cabinets. You might also utilize a finished wide rack as wall décor.

Key ways to hide treadmill at home

Hang drapes or curtains: It is simple to cover a treadmill with drapes or curtains if you have one in your room. Your machine will be set apart from other furnishings as a result. It won’t leave any lasting stains on the walls and is simple to remove when necessary.

While putting your treadmills away, why not be creative?

You can use rolling screens and shades, adaptable ceiling bars or curtain rods in the shape of a bow can be used to resemble a bay window.

It’s crucial to choose a track with curtains set on a flexible ceiling. You’ll be able to build your own in straight or curved lines thanks to this, therefore successfully overcoming the treadmill’s heavy weakness.

7. Put in storage closet

The ideal place to put objects that don’t go well with your current decor is a storage closet. A storage cupboard may easily accommodate your treadmill if it is small enough. Make sure to arrange the storage closet appropriately to create the atmosphere of your ideal home gym, especially if it is rather spacious and you may exercise there. We guarantee that even the tiniest space can be transformed into a workout space.

Although it is not advisable to stuff the storage space with extra workout gear, you may paint the room, add lights, and more. This is crucial because, according to Good Housekeeping, having a well-planned training area will help you succeed in your fitness goals. Be wise in how you arrange things up and don’t be scared to play around with your home’s storage closet.

8. Basement

According to conversations with friends, the basement appears to be the most popular spot for treadmills. Unfortunately, this frequently has the effect of making it seem like something you put away with the Christmas decorations to only get out sometimes.

However, if you take a few things into account, the basement might be a great location:

Before you start jogging, make sure your head has enough room. People may feel confined by low ceilings, and the treadmill may become unexpectedly less pleasant. But it’s also a fantastic tool for enhancing your running form! One essential strategy for individuals who bounce when jogging is to visualize a ceiling.

Install a fan or space heater if necessary to help regulate the temperature, much like in the garage.

 Set up the treadmill such that it has the greatest possible view of a TV, a window, or at the very least, a fantastic motivating poster. Nothing is worse than spending hours looking at a brick wall.

Keep in mind that you should look forward to using this place rather than dreading it.

In order to get things done without ever leaving the house, sweep the cobwebs and remind yourself that this is your own little haven.

9. Put it behind the couch.

Numerous people have invested in compact, collapsible treadmills that may be readily hidden in a number of locations within your home. Behind your cosy couch is one such spot. This method is not only simple and low-effort, but it’s also excellent for hiding your treadmill. To make the most of the available space, you may also add a couch.

A sofa table is a small table that is frequently positioned behind a couch for added storage, according to The Spruce. Sofa tables are frequently used as covert media consoles or charging stations.

Remember that sofas that can’t be pushed up against a wall might not be a good fit for this technique. There are a few other options, though. If the treadmill, for instance, can fit behind your sofa, you may conceal it there. To make your sofa taller and provide you with the room, you need to conceal your treadmill, you may also purchase furniture risers.

10. Convert a utilized space

If you have a basement or attic, you might want to set aside some storage space for your treadmill. Instead of leaving your computer in the living room or another heavily trafficked room, you could discover that these less-used spaces provide you with a better chance of finding a place for it.

Your loft may be another under-used space in your house that you haven’t thought about. Lofts are typically located immediately off a staircase. They are typically too spacious to be merely a hallway, but too small to be a second living room or den.

You may lay down a treadmill mat and set up a treadmill there instead of leaving the space vacant or adding a few bean bag chairs to the edges. To keep your treadmill’s guarantee valid and to safeguard it over the long haul, these rooms must be climate-controlled and spotless.

11. Clear out under the stairs

Like a hall closet, the space under your stairs may have grown crammed with miscellaneous items like Christmas decorations and the vacuum cleaner. However, in contrast to a hall closet, there is typically enough space beneath your stairs to keep a folded-up treadmill without having to do anything other than move the debris.

We hope these suggestions have sparked your imagination and helped you choose the ideal location in your house on your treadmill.

Wrapping Up

Covering a treadmill doesn’t have to be tough. You should always keep your treadmill covered when not in use to prevent dust build-up. The machine or screen in area should be covered with a decorator’s cloth or something like that.

One may be incorporated into your home decor in a number of ways without standing out. These include relocating the machine upstairs if it is the best option for your location; using a lovely folding screen; and repurposing a hall closet into a cabinet for the machine.

A treadmill, though, may take up a lot of space. Before making a treadmill purchase, you should think about the size of the area you have available, the space, and the time of day you expect to use the machine.

Choose a small or foldable appliance and think about covering the windows with heavy drapes or plugs to reduce sunlight. Even better, you can make your own treadmill covers to conceal it at home. In this manner, you can easily exercise and sleep well.

FAQs about Best Ideas on How to Hide Treadmill At Home

How can I hide my exercise equipment?

Exercise Equipment Is Covered By Elegant Wooden Furniture. You may get a little gym that is concealed within a nice-looking wooden cabinet for the price of a few expensive treadmills.

Can I put a treadmill in my living room?

Yes you can put it in your living room if you don’t have a spare bedroom or office. When not in use, folding models don’t occupy a lot of room on the floor. Put it behind a screen or some lovely plants, or cover it up with a pretty cloth.

How do you have a treadmill in a small space?

Compared to elliptical and exercise cycles, foldable treadmills (also known as under-desk treadmills) are perfect for compact spaces since they are simple to store. They are convenient to use while working or watching TV and then tuck beneath your bed or couch.

Is it OK to have treadmill in bedroom?

Any contemporary home or apartment built in accordance with current building regulations is safe to put a treadmill on the second level. A good treadmill should weigh between 250 and 300 pounds. This is far inside the weight limit of a second-level floor, even with a 200+ lb. person sprinting on it.

How do you store exercise equipment in a small apartment?

It’s crucial to know how to store your workout equipment once you’ve chosen it to fit your little area. Here are some suggestions if you don’t have much room for storage: Weights may be kept off the ground and out of the way by hanging them from a wall-mounted rack.

Resistance bands may be kept in a cabinet or drawer: Keep them sorted by colour or degree of resistance. Foldable equipment may be kept under the bed: When not in use, treadmills, elliptical, and exercise bikes can all be hidden away.

Use hooks to hang yoga mats and towels to save space on the floor and maintain order in your training environment. You may make the most of your little area and your at-home fitness regimen by using the advice in this article. There is no reason, little or large, not to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Where’s the best place to put a treadmill?

The treadmill would work well in the garage or the basement. The treadmill would not only take up less room in living spaces, but it would also be out of the way of family members’ daily activities.

You’ll get some alone time when you can work up a decent sweat without being concerned that your workout will be interrupted. The sound of the motor or your foot striking the belt won’t bother your family or the neighbours.

Are folding treadmills worth it?

The fact that a foldable treadmill requires less storage space is one of its major advantages. When not in use, people may fold the treadmill up and store it away, which may be especially useful for individuals who live in smaller residences. Wheels on the bottom of foldable variants make it simpler to move them around.

What is a good treadmill for a small apartment?

A tiny treadmill is what you need if you occasionally want to work out indoors but don’t have a lot of additional space (who does?). Although they aren’t the most powerful, they may be a fantastic choice for smaller living areas or rooms with several uses.


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